How to Apply Your Dry Erase Decal

There are three things to keep in mind before you apply your dry erase decal:
  • Apply decal to a clean, dry and smooth surface.
  • If you have recently painted your walls, wait at least 4 weeks before applying your decal
  • Decals can be removed and reapplied to a different location for up to 3 months. After that, it may not stick as well.
  • Dry-erase decals can be used on stainless steel appliances and should not cause damage. It may leave a residue because the adhesive over time will get sticker if it isn't removed for cleaning every few weeks.

    We would recommend that the decal is removed when cleaning the outside of the appliance every couple weeks to eliminate any issues with residue build up.  The residue build up is easily cleaned with a cleaner appropriate for the surface type you are placing the decal.


Here's a step by step video to help you with applying:




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